But They Do Know

  Ignorance can cause many problems. But often ignorance is not the cause. People do things they do know is destructive. Strong drink destroys. Immorality corrupts. Profanity desecrates. Idleness leads to poverty. On and on it goes. People know this. Their trouble is that they do not care. Until they care they will never do any better.

  When people deny God, deny they are spirit as well as body, deny accountability, deny right and wrong matters, deny there is more to life than the present, deny there is a standard by which to measure, then they do not care. Nothing matters to them. They do know what they do is harmful, but "who cares?" It makes no difference to them.

  Not until a person uses his brain to see what is so obvious will he respect life and dignity. Without God there is neither. This we all must know.