But They Still Don't Get It

  In spite of all the horror, mayhem, blood, and all the other results of teaching the young they are nothing but animals, not only do the young smart alecks not learn anything but neither do their parents and other adults. You might think school boards would have some higher level of intelligence but they show as little as any other degenerates that dominate society. From what is reported regarding the behavior of thousands of teens, college students, educators, etc. America is raising (not rearing; you raise animals and rear children) a pack of barbaric idiots. Thank God for the exceptions. But they are exceptions. This generation simply refuses to learn. We all suffer. These "wiser than God" experts have about sunk the population into the muck and mire of moral poverty and bankruptcy.

  What can be done! Justice would call for their removal from the living. But you can forget justice. We must continue to teach the will of God and hope that some will not become the cesspool citizens like so many others.