Cain, the First Modernist

  You will notice within the word "modernist" is the word "modern." This may lead you to think this idea is modern and or more recent and sophisticated origin. But such is not the case. Actually, the theory of present modernism was begun by Jean Astruck, a Roman Catholic physician, in 1753. But more precisely, the idea had its beginning long before that and was not even "modern" when Astruck come forth with it.

  It began with Cain in the earliest days of human existence. God instructed Cain and Abel regarding the offering of sacrifice. Abel did what he did by faith, which means according to the Word. But Cain was a modernist. He did not believe in blood atonement or in obeying the command of the Lord. He did not think it necessary to follow strictly the Lord's instructions. He thought he could worship God in a way to please himself and God ought to accept it. (Foundation Facts, page 260).