Can't Get Used To It

  Things you hear, see, common everyday things, you get used to them, expect them, even look forward to them. But there are some bad and evil things that we just cannot accept and will never be comfortable with them. I am thinking just now of the absurd blasphemous signs appearing in big cities that say, "Be good without God." It is impossible. How does the atheist even determine what is good without God? I suppose he becomes his own god and decides that,

  But others might not think his "goodness" is real goodness. Then whose god do we follow? Is it just another "do your own thing" stupidity? Can't be must more than that. Regardless of how wrong atheists are, I will never get used to hearing their ranting and raving. If there is no God, then why are they so busy trying to prove to people He doesn't exist? They must be a little worried about their folly after all.