Can You Do It Every Time?

  Preachers receive much criticism. Often it is deserved and even helpful. Sometimes you are the target of real twisted minds and mean-spirited words. For instance: There is almost never a time when I preach that I do not include the terms of salvation and an invitation. Those who have heard me preach know that I do this almost without exception when I am before an audience.  But can it be done every time? When you are on the radio you do not have time to do it every time. To receive a criticism that I do not preach what Peter preached on Pentecost because I don't repeat "repent and be baptized" every time is ridiculous. Some criticize if I mention it at all.

  A  rabble-rousing critic should read Acts 17 and Paul's sermon in Athens and see if Paul included it in his sermon on that occasion. Some just like to find fault with preachers even when they don't have any real reason. But those who preach know there are all kinds out there. Many listen with varied motives. You just have to take the mud with the rain sometimes. But I do wish people would reflect more sense than some do; even brethren.