Change means things are moving. But what direction? Does anybody check about that? When somebody says we need change we need to ask some questions, whether it be in religious, political, economic, etc matters.

  Change what? Some bellow change but never tell you what they want to change. Be careful! What they want to change may not need changing.

  Change from what to what? Sometimes a change can be helpful. Often it produces dire results. Setting something aside and being ignorant of its intended replacement is folly.

  Why change? Is it smart to change just for the sake of change? Nobody in their right mind would say so. But there are those who want something new even if it isn't true just in order to have change. That's stupid!

  By what authority? Especially in matters pertaining to God and man. What man has the authority to attempt to change God's laws to suit man? Change, to some, only means putting God out and putting self in.

  Watch out for those who beckon change. Ask questions or you may live to regret asking for change.