Chapter  Eight

  Please permit me to encourage you to study Romans, chapter eight. Learn there what the Holy Spirit through Paul tells us what is means to be "in Christ." We shall look at this for a few days.

  Verse 1- There is no condemnation in Christ

  Verse 2- Freedom from the law of sin and death

  Verses 5-9-- Obligation to not be carnal minded

  Verses 9-10- Fellowship with Deity, the Holy Spirit

  Verses 5-9,12,13-  Obligation to live after the Spirit

  Verse 11- Look forward to the resurrection

  Verse 14- In Christ we are the sons of God

  Verse 14- We are led by the Spirit

  Verse 15- Delivered from the bondage of sin

  Verse 15- Adopted into the family of God

We intend to present more of this tomorrow.