Chapter Eight (Continued)

  Consider more of what it means to be "in Christ" according to Romans, chapter eight.

  verse 16- We know our relationship with God

  Verse 17- We are heirs of God with Christ

  Verse 18- Glory awaits us that surpasses all suffering

  Verses 19- 23- Hope of rest the world cannot know

  Verses 26, 27- Intercession of the Holy Spirit when needed on certain occasions and situations

  Verse 28- All things that God has done for our salvation work together for our good

  Verse 30- In that class God predestined to glory

  Verse 31- We are with God who can and shall protect us and we shall not be defeated

  Verse 33, 34- Justified and none can condemn

  Verses 35-39- Assurance of God's love for us