Character Studies

  We can learn so much that we need to know by studying the lives of those who have lived before us. Especially is this true regarding Biblical characters, some of whom pleased God and others who chose the way of Satan. For this reason this website has included lessons about many different Biblical persons, some commendable and others the imitation of which we do well to avoid.

  Just now Hezekiah comes to mind. A good king of Judah, a rarity in Judah and Northern Israel, did what he could to revive the spiritual sensitivity of his people to leave their sins and turn to God. He encouraged the priests, the prophets and the people to follow God's way. For this noble effort he is noted the most in spite of weaknesses that did make themselves evident in his life.

  But if God's people today would do, in principle, as he did, we would make a significant contribution to the glorification of God before man and the salvation of lost souls. And how our nation today needs people like this man who lived so many years ago.