The Chasm is Wide

  To speak of the wide chasm is not a reference to the great gulf between Lazarus and the rich, although that gulf cannot be breached. We have in mind the great variance between the attitude of the present culture toward the church and the attitude of God toward the church. Is it not true that religion generally is held in contempt by so many with a hostile and negative attitude, especially the Lord's church? Some contend the church must conform to the culture or soon cease to exist. They consider the church optional at best and even seek its destruction because to them it is irrelevant, out-of-date and is of no benefit. How does God consider it?

  The church is composed of those who have been washed clean of sins by the blood of His Son. His blood is the purchase price of the church. Those who are members are His spiritual children and the ones He has promised to save in heaven. Quite a difference from the way world considers the church, isn't it? Whose attitude do you share? To reject the church is to reject God. There is no middle or neutral ground.