Child Abuse

  Child abuse is one of most vicious crimes committed by human beings. It takes many forms. But one form many fail to consider is something David Lipscomb (the man) wrote when defining the way Stephen Sewell reared his children. He said, "The Sewell children were trained..."  He asked the question, "How early should the education and training of a children being?" Then he answered, "A hundred years before it is born." This provides a heritage and good standard for children to follow.

  This conclusion was drawn. "No more cruel wrong can be inflicted on a child than to fail to train it aright." Is not this a serious problem with so many today? They do not even know the difference between right and wrong. Little wonder that they violate nearly every principle for good. The most frustrated young people living today are those who are not given the kind of training God expects all parents to provide for their children.