Christian! Beware!

  While not pretending to be a prophet, I can see what is. Our religious freedom is very much in danger in this country. We have fanatical enemies from the Muslim world, lawless elements coming from Mexico across our borders, traitors on the political scene, people more ambitious for their own wealth and power than for our freedom, an educational system that brainwashes youth to hate God, an entertainment world that is dominated by the scum of humanity, celebrities that promote ever moral filth imaginable, a "news" media which is nothing but a propaganda organ for the enemies of freedom and faith, and religions that are nothing but money-grabbing charlatans who run from God's truth.

  The scene is our land is bleak for those who believe the Bible. We have assumed we shall have our freedom to worship God but that freedom is being gnawed away on every corner. Once gone, persecution the likes we have not seen will inevitably follow. We must hasten to  strengthen our faith and be ready to stand unto death for the cause of Christ. I hate to see it come because of my descendants. But America has spit on God too long to expect mercy.

  I am optimistic for the eventual future, but not in the short run. Where are the rays of hope apart from the very Christ Who more and more Americans and the world disdain?