The Christian System

  There was a religious system called the Mosaic Dispensation because God gave this law of governing to Moses on Sinai and through him to the singular nation of Israel. It was not a system for all mankind but exclusively for Israel. There was a written law and it governed Israel until the time of the system of Christ, approximately fifteen hundred years. Most Bible students know this but many still turn to the Mosaic system to justify some of their religious ordinances.

  Since the cross of Christ, at which time the Mosaic system was taken away (Col. 2: 14), nobody has lived subject to the Mosaic Law but accountable to God through Christ (Heb. 1: 1,2).

  This system began on the first Pentecost after His ascension and will continue until the end of time. All men shall be judged by the doctrine that came through Christ and those who were authorized to speak in His name. Knowing this, and living by it, are two separate matters.