Christianity Continues to Suffer

  Those who profess to follow Christ have always been the target of persecution by those who prefer to live degenerate and wicked lives. They hate Christ and anyone who loves Him. This persecution today comes from governments, schools, news media, publications, even from religions that profess to be religions of peace, like Islam.

  We entertain no illusions that this will ever cease. We have to prepare ourselves to withstand and stand. This we can and will do. But we recognize how many who claim to be "experts" are so rabidly intolerant of the way of the Lord that, a way when understood and practiced, is the ONLY solution to the ills of mankind. But who wants solutions? Not opponents of Christianity. They want to "do their own thing" without being prevented even if it calls for abusing the rights of others as they do it.

  Nobody shows himself to be a fool more completely than the enemies of Christ. They shall receive just recompense in the last day.