Christians, Be Aware

  The early Christians lived under a tyrannical Roman empire. Christians have lived under Hitler and similar despots. Christians in America are now living under a despot who would destroy Christianity, free speech, gospel preaching, freedom of assembly and every other civil right we have. This tyrant who gained position by racial bigotry is an enemy of Christ and all who follow Him. Nothing this dictator says can be relied upon to be the truth. Never has America had such a low-life, baby killing, pervert promoting, anti-Christian as national leader as we have now. His pack of Chicago-type thugs and tax-dodgers are stealing the American public blind and changing our free nation into a communist prison. How he will be stopped remains to be seen. Tyrants do come to their end.

  Suppression of religious speech, free speech, Christian values is a prime plank in his platform. While I am ashamed of our nation for being so wicked as to elect people like those on the left, I still realize that hardship befalls those who follow the Lord.