Christians in Denominations?

  Possibly! But nobody is a Christian because of his denominational affiliation. Denominations do not teach what the Bible teaches regarding how to become a Christian. So nobody in a denomination is a Christian who has simply followed his denominational doctrine.

  It could be one has heard, believed and obeyed the gospel and joined a  denomination. Or he may have left the faithful church for a denomination. If so, he is a wayward Christian in fellowship with those who are not Christians. To be faithful to Christ he must leave his denomination and locate with a faithful church.

  Why is it hard for people to understand about the church? They know other organizations have terms of entrance and do not contend people are members until those terms are met. But when it come to the church they feel anything goes, whatever you want, just claim it and it is so. It would be laughable since it is so stupid except souls are lost because of this folly.