Church History

  Studying what is called Church History, once you leave the inspired record of Acts, you find little respect for the doctrine of Christ or His church He established. The apostasy that resulted in Romanism, the wars between rival leaders, the wars between Catholics and Protestants, the wars between Protestants, the wars with Islam, the innumerable cults, sects, controversies, creeds, councils, and power struggles usually characterized by blood shed, reflect an almost total rejection of the church as it is revealed in the New Testament. No wonder what is mistakenly called "Christianity" is detested.

  But the church of the New Testament is from God and the world needs it. It needs to be brought to the attention of every soul. Restoring New Testament Christianity is the noblest effort people can make. To revive and perpetuate the "wisdom" of men has been a plague on humanity through the years. We need the "wisdom of God" as taught in Scripture that produces His church and His people; not the substitutes of men.