I must admit I do not quite understand what some people mean when they talk about "closure." Let some crime be committed and the victim or the family of a victim talks about not getting "closure" until the criminal is punished. Does that end the matter with them? Their meaning is not all that clear to me because once you have become a victim of some vicious crime you are not likely to forget it regardless of what happens to the criminal. How do you close a murder of a father or violence to a mother? The idea of revenge has its limits and carrying grudges is not acceptable. Justice certainly ought be executed (which is not likely these days). But to think a verdict of guilty or the execution of a criminal produces "closure" seems ludicrous to me.

  I dare say that those who say they now have closure think about the bad situation every day. They do not really have "closure." There will come a day of "closure" to be sure and the justice of the Lord will be enacted. Until then we just hammer away at the needs of life the best way we know. Some things just don't close. You may understand what it meant. I don't.