Coming Storms

  It just doesn't seem thinkable that you can prepare for every bad eventuality that might come in life. Do you realize there are insurance policies for almost anything that can happen? It might be good to have that protection but who can prepare for everything that might occur? It would  be nice if we could be forewarned but that isn't reality.

  The weather report just warned of approaching storms, lightning, possible tornadoes, hail. That sounds rough. At least when the wind picks up and the thunder starts roaring we can be ready a little bit. But there is no "weather man" for when death, disease, accident, mistakes, etc. may strike. We have to take those as they come without means for preparing for all of them very much.

  But we know life is brief, uncertain and the Judgment is sure. We can prepare for that through Christ. "In Christ" the storms can come but all will be well with the soul. That is the best "insurance" you can have. Do you have it?