Computer Frustrations

   Over the years I have had exceptionally good fortune in avoiding big problems about my computer although there were times when there was a problem or two. But it really came big the last couple of days. I have heard about people being invaded with viruses, etc. but never experienced one until this week. It really took after mine in spite of safeguards in place.

  But thanks to a brilliant son all those bugs have been chased away and things are back in operation. For that reason I could not produce a DAILY NOTES for a couple of days. It also blocked other work I was doing like writing sermon manuscripts with a view to having them on CD's. Anyway, I wondered a time or two how Job would have done if he was plagued with a computer and didn't know how to fix it. Talk about feeling helpless! Does this register with anyone out there? I am not superstitious but I will keep my fingers cross from now on. (It's bad luck to be superstitious!)