Conversions the Same in Principle

  Few consider how Eve was converted from good to evil. But her conversion followed the same process in principle by which we are converted to Christ.

  She heard the devil's message, believed it (even though deceived) and acted upon it. The result is well known.

  We also hear the gospel, believe it and act in obedience to its commands. In both instances a tremendous change occurs and one's status before God is affected.

  The same thing is true in other conversions of which we read in the book of Acts (Jews on Pentecost, Samaritans, Ethiopian, Saul, Cornelius, Lydia, the jailor and the Corinthians.) In every instance conversion began with the Word and was completed with baptism.

  There is a lesson on this website, The Conversion of Eve, lesson 30, category 8, giving more in detail.