Could Be Dangerous

  Recently we were privileged to hear a great lesson regarding anger. While I cannot vouch for this information we were told that anger, if not controlled, could be dangerous to your health because of the many bodily changes that take place when one becomes angry. All sorts of chemicals get turned loose that affect almost every vital organ of the body.

  The statement, "I was so mad I couldn't see straight," is more than just an exaggeration. Anger produces an effect on the nerve going from the eye to the brain that distorts vision, blurs focus, even could damage the eye, This is just one such physical and negative reaction. So it is very possible that one could become so angry he couldn't see straight.

  Anger is not an evil emotion if justified and controlled. The loss of temper is a spiritual and physical hazard. We must keep our guard against anger lest we damage our body as well as the soul.