Could be the Most Painful

  Many things bring excruciating pain in the course of life. But misplaced confidence is surely one of the worst. Jesus must have placed some confidence in Judas, but look how that confidence was misplaced. Paul had confidence in Demas but it proved eventually to have been misplaced.

  Many have known the loss of friends and family and betrayal by those on whom they once depended and felt assured. But later they are forced to realize that they were overconfident and their ties were not near as strong as they may have appeared. Maybe they appeared strong because strong ties were so desired and cherished and the weakness was overlooked.

  Just how you manage to handle that tragedy of life is difficult to prescribe. It is not probably all that rare but it remains one of the most painful events of earthly life. Those who suffer such things often find it difficult to have confidence in anybody anymore.