The dictionary defines "credible" as offering reasonable grounds for being believed. Christians, therefore, should always be credible because it involves speaking the truth. Christians realize lying is sinful. A person who is known to lie is not a credible person. (No, we are not discussing politics here even though it is very applicable in that arena because of its absence.)

  A credible person can be taken for his word. He may sometimes be mistaken but he never deliberately lies. It takes years to build a good reputation for being a truthful person. It can be destroyed quickly. A person who lies may tell the truth at times but even then he cannot be believed because he is so incredible (given to falsehood).

  We are most naive if we think everyone has credibility. Probably most are quite the opposite. But our main concern is to be sure we are among those whose word can be respected and believed because we have a  history of being credible.