Cry Unto the Gods

  Jeremiah told Judah God was displeased  with their behavior, and said they could cry to their gods but those gods would not save them (Jer. 11: 12). The same thing applies to our own land which faces extinction as a free people because of enemies within and without.

  America's gods are humanism, evolution, material things, hedonism, anything except the true and living God. Only fools will think our money, armies, political powers and such as that will save the land. It won't and it can't.

  Only a spiritual revolution that directs man to God will save us, but that is very unlikely seeing the determination of atheism and gross immorality that dominates the scene.

  The Christian, like Jeremiah, works for a remnant to be saved. He knew the nation of Judah would fall. He hoped a few might be saved and labored to that end until his last day.