Daniel Foretold It Exactly

  God's prophets did not miss it. They prophesied as the Holy Spirit directed and their prophecies came to pass exactly as foretold. Such was the case when Daniel interpreted the dream of king Nebuchadnezzar regarding the time when the kingdom of God would be established. It was to be in the days of the fourth empire which corresponds in history to the Roman empire.

  It was in the days of the Roman empire when John the Baptist came as a herald of the coming Messiah, when Jesus came, and when the church (God's kingdom) was established. Those who contend Jesus failed to establish His kingdom and will do so when He comes again (even though He said it would come in the lifetime of those who heard Him) have to accuse Daniel of being a false prophet as well as Jesus Himself.

  It is sad that men will contradict God's inspired prophets  in order to sustain their false theories. But what else is new?