Dead Drunk

  Drunkenness is a matter of degree. Whether one drinks little or much he sins against God. Sometimes people drink so much they even pass out. It is said they are "dead drunk." There is no such thing as drinking moderately. Moderation means doing the right thing to a proper degree. Drinking itself it excessive (First Peter 4:3). When a person drinks strong drink he is "dead" in sin. He is "dead drunk."

  But considering another point, how many will die this day because some have consumed alcoholic beverages to the extent that they cause an accident and they die. They may also cause the harm of others in many fashions. But they die "dead drink." What a marvelous way to stagger before the judgment seat of Christ and give account of what is done. I say "marvelous" because the servants of hell are constantly advertising how wonderful it is to drink their money-making brew regardless of the hell and havoc it always causes. Are you deceived by what they say?

  How many could have justifiably written on their tombstones: DEAD DRUNK?