Deliberate Misrepresentation

  It has been my experience that many Baptist preachers deliberately misrepresent the churches of Christ. Consider just this one. They say we teach one must be baptized by what they call a "church of Christ preacher." One who would say that is either ignorant or a deliberate liar. Brethren have NEVER taught that and do not believe it for a moment.

  Who baptizes has no effect on the baptized. The one baptized must first be taught, believe in Christ as the Son of God, repent of sins, confess his faith, then (as the Bible repeatedly shows) is baptized for the reasons the Bible taught (get into Christ, remission of sins, to be saved, etc.) We NEVER read of anybody being baptized to join the Baptist Church or because they are already saved.

  Just why some of these preachers for churches of which you never read in the Bible delight in misrepresenting the truth is for them to answer before God. I know the destiny of liars (Rev. 20: 8). I also know the destiny of the obedient (Heb. 5: 9).