Demands Another

  Some deny the church has any duty to assist the homeless non-Christian. Why would not that include a young orphan who becomes homeless but is not yet a Christian?

  Some say the church cannot support an orphan home because it is an organization separate from the church. Please tell me how anybody can provide a home for the homeless without a home? Just where in Scripture does it prescribe the exact arrangement for the home that is provided?

Did Mary, Martha and Lazarus have a home? Did the widow of Nain have a home? Did Christ have a home? Were they all arranged alike?

  Oh, these lawmakers that divide the church over their hobbies! No wonder some accuse them of being against orphans and other homeless people. They probably want the homeless cared for but bring reproach against the church. They just want to dictate to everybody how it must be done. They demand it be done by the individual Christian alone. But where is such taught in Scripture? Do all of them do what they demand of others? Best they convert themselves first.

  Provision of a home for the homeless demands there be another institution in addition to the church because the church is not a home and the home is not the church. Unless you have another institution besides the church, neither an individual nor the church can provide for the homeless, orphan or not, Christian or non-Christian..