Demas, the First Time

  The Bible student may remember that Demas is mentioned only three times in Paul's writings. Most remember him because he forsook Paul and returned to his love of this world (2 Tim. 4:10). The actions of Demas are among the multitude of Biblical passages that not only refute the false doctrine that a Christian cannot fall but show one who did that very thing.

  Demas was not always a traitor to Christ. There was a time when he, like others, was commended by Paul as Paul's fellowlabourer and the recipient of Paul's special salutations (Philemon 24). This is what makes the tragedy of Demas so tragic. He was going toward heaven with the best people on earth, his faithful brethren. But he turned back from that and turned to his own condemnation.

  There is a lesson on this web site that discusses Demas more fully. We should know about Demas lest we fall into the same ruin as did he.