Denial of God's Evidence

  A faithful gospel preacher recently spoke how he heard of a man who said he could believe in Christ if it were not for the reports of His miracles. The preacher remarked how ironical it was that the man wished to believe in Christ but at the same time did not want the very evidence God has given to prove Him to be the Christ.

  We know how atheists and modernists deny the supernatural. But miracles are supernatural and miracles compose much of the evidence God provides to prove the truth. The apostles confirmed the message of truth by miracles (Mark. 16: 20; Hebrews 2: 3,4). If that man denied the miracles he would have no reason to believe in Christ.

  Romans 1: 4 tells us that Christ was "declared to be the Son of God... by the resurrection from the dead." This, of course, was a miracle. You cannot deny what God has said and expect to believe what God has said. That ought not be hard to understand.