The ignorance and stupidity of the American public is beyond comprehension. It is very obvious that the educational system is not worth the money being spent on it. I just heard a series of interviews among the American public regarding the Fourth of July and hardly anyone even knows why it is celebrated. That shows the gratitude of this present generation and the gross lack of understanding. They are mostly parasites looking for a government handout, who don't want to work. who think freedom means doing anything you wish, who really are enemies of freedom because they are so ridiculously brain dead. Don't people learn anything in school anymore? Maybe nothing of sense is taught.

  But even more serious is the ignorance and rebellion of people against the freedom from sin that Christ offers. Who cares? Live it up! Nothing is of importance except to do whatever you want and let somebody else pay for it. And somehow people have the idea that the quality of the masses of this country have what it takes to preserve our freedom. Not much evidence of it. If you want a gauge on the low level of American thinking just look who the majority has placed in control! Can you get much lower?