Deserves Honest Consideration

  There is much dispute regarding the book of Revelation. It is unwise to be dogmatic about its meaning. I consider it a message written prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, dealing primarily with the persecution of the early church, the destruction of Jerusalem and the Judaistic system, and the time of Nero and an oppressive Roman empire. It does not predict the entire future of the church or the world. I know some disagree. I disagree with them.

  The symbols of this book can be understood to a great degree because of the use of such symbols in the Old Testament as well as the historical record of the ancient times. While we would not insist on each meaning, considering the book as a message of eventual victory of the early church, and for faithful brethren thereafter, the view I adopt fits the text and the text fits the view.

  At least this understanding has merit and should be open-mindedly considered. It is an encouraging study when considered in this light. AND IT FITS.