Desperate Atheists

  Atheism has never contributed one benefit for humanity. The entire concept where people prove themselves fools by denying the reality of God stems from the rebellious determination by some to establish a "down-with-God; up-with-self" philosophy because they want to "do their own thing" regardless of the consequences and without accountability to anybody.

  The big gun of atheists is the self-acclaimed superiority they have over everybody else. If you listen to them very long you are impressed how impressed they are with themselves. You would be convinced they have a monopoly on wisdom, knowledge, scholarship and everybody that does not "curse God and die" are simply ignorant, superstitious hangovers from yesteryear.

  Yet, when pressed, they flee like rats from water covering a sinking ship when challenged. They hide behind bombastic tirades rather than risk exposure of their doctrine by evidence all can understand. They are to be pitied but given not one inch of ground.