Difficult to Decide

  Those who preach try hard to present lessons that will help people get to heaven. His listeners have many varied challenges, problems, even threats with which to deal. But regardless of the personal situations whether about jobs, finances, neighbors, family, health, whatever, there is our duty to God. These personal variances should not be the determining factor regarding our submission to God. So preachers generally focus attention, not on specific matters relevant to his hearers because they are so many and different he could not deal with them all. His primary focus must be to persuade everyone to submit to the will of God obediently.

  Choosing his next sermon, therefore, is not an easy decision. Yes, it must be the gospel. But what points of the gospel are most needful at the moment? Is there anybody who can tell him? So he decides the best he can and preaches week after week hoping his lessons help everybody.