Direct From Hell

  Vicious enemies of Christ run rampant in America. There have always been enemies but not as vile and despicable as we see so often today. When you see a picture that is supposed to be Jesus holding a cigarette and a beer can you can know some servant of the devil is running loose. Entertainers can get headlines by asserting Jesus was a homosexual. Then you know that person is from hell and will be heading back someday. Other religious leaders, like the immoral Mohammed, cannot be presented in truth because it would offend those who follow his Islamic terror. But it is permissible to say or depict anything derogatory about the Christ,  the Bible, etc. that anybody wants to smear. So goes the American populace.

  But these servants of the devil don't change any truth regarding the Lord. Someday they shall reap what they are sowing. Then they won't think they are so smart. Meanwhile, we praise the holy name of Christ.