Ditch Digging

  We read of an event in Second Kings that involved digging ditches. Northern Israel, Southern Judah and Edom were marching against Moab but their campaign was threatened when they ran short of water. God offered to provide for them and give them victory over Moab IF they would dig ditches that would filled with water, not from rain but His miraculous provision of supply.

  They believed His Word, obeyed His direction, worked together and did what they were told. The water was provided. The next morning when the sun shone upon the waters it looked to the Moabites like blood and they wrongly concluded the kings had fought among themselves and marched into a trap to their defeat. Victorious was as God had said.

  But would they have been victorious if they had not dug the ditches? Certainly not! It's like this now. God offers and promises on conditions. When conditions are met the blessing are ours. Have you obeyed in faith?