Do All in the Name of the Lord

  There is a wonderful song that we often sing in worship that teaches and admonishes us to do what the apostle Paul instructed in Colossians 3:17. The first verse begins, "What-e'er you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord." This simply means we are to have the Lord's authority for what we teach, do and practice in our service to Him. The creeds and doctrines of men are not to be called upon to substantiate what we do. Only the will of the Lord will suffice.

  Just saying we are doing what we do in the name of the Lord does not make it so. Many act and say as if what they do is in His name but it really is not (Matthew 7). What is probably meant is that they were trying to do something on His behalf but it was not as He directed. It matters what we do, how we do it, and whether it is for the reason the Lord commands. We have His will. Let's learn it and obey it. What is better than that?