Do It for My Sake

  Paul wrote to his friend, Philemon. "If thou count me therefore a partner, receive him as myself." Onesimus was a slave that had fled from Philemon. As providence worked, this slave came in contact with Paul and was converted to Christ. This meant that Paul, Philemon and Onesimus were now brothers in the Lord. Paul knew that the right thing for Onesimus was to return to Philemon. He also knew the right thing for Philemon was to receive Onesimus, not as a runaway slave, but as a brother in Christ. Their spiritual relationship should make a difference in the way they looked upon one another.

  To encourage Philemon to have the proper attitude and exhibit the proper conduct toward Onesimus, Paul sent this brief epistle and urged Philemon to look upon his slave as he would look upon Paul. "Do this for my sake." Even though their social status as the world consider them was different, they were partners in the cause of Christ.

  Being Christians makes a tremendous difference in the way we consider people when we both are in the Lord and partners in Christ.