Do Not Disturb

  The "Do Not Disturb" sign is hanging on the minds of many people. They do not want to hear or know about anything that may be displeasing to them. They prefer not to be disturbed. This is often true even when truth is at stake. They had rather remain ignorant and in danger than to be warned and advised about their situation so they can do something about it.

  The affairs of our world are disturbing to thinking people. This is true of Christians who realize that the Prince of this world is Satan and he and his servants seem to dominate almost even realm of life. Yet, there are those who had rather not think about it and do not want to even be told of it.

  Some seem to think that they can shut out truth and that might change it somewhat. Truth is truth whether it disturbs or pacifies. Have you ever known of anyone coming to Christ for forgiveness that was not first disturbed about their lost condition? Is this sign hanging on your heart?