Do Not Sing Lies

  We do not suggest that anybody would deliberately lie in any fashion. Some might. But we may not realize how important it is that what we sing be sung with sincerity.

  For instance, "I want to be a worker for the Lord" is a grand phrase. But do we really want to work? What are we doing to show we want to be a worker for the Lord?

  "I love Thy kingdom Lord" is the way another song begins. Does it not seem strange that someone would sing that but be unfaithful even in attending worship assemblies?

  One challenge we face in this world of hostility toward Christ is to stand up for Him. We sing about that. Do we live accordingly in word, deed and attitude?

  Surely the idea is before us that we sing great and wonderful sentiments. But we should study what we sing and be sure that we mean what we are saying.