Do They Really Think So?

  Just because some pervert who acts as a judge has declared "same-sex marriage" as marriage does not mean anything at all regarding God's view. This degenerate who pass condemnation of what the voters of California declared has promoted sexual perversion and desecration of something sacred and does not mean it is no longer an abomination before God and all who believe in God. Homosexuality is a sin and no brain dead godless pervert, or a mass of such moral trash, will ever change that. There will be the day when even they will realize how filthy they are.

  Meanwhile, many will be misled to condone more moral degeneracy and think they are exercising their "freedom." It is true. They have the freedom to go to hell any way they choose. But they do not have the freedom to cram their depravity down the throats of everyone else who think on a higher and nobler level than these vermin ever considered.