Do We Need Inspired Men Today?

  Some claim we must have inspired interpreters today like the Ethiopian did. Catholics claim priests fill that role. But if the Ethiopian had before him the book of Acts as we do he would have been able to discover the meaning of the prophecy of Isaiah without Philip. But all that was available to him was the word of Isaiah without sufficient information that he needed for a complete understanding. So the need of Philip.

  In the early days of Christianity people were taught by men who were inspired of God. The message they taught is the message of the Old and New Testaments. We do not need inspired men living today to learn the Word of God because we have the revealed and recorded inspired Word completed.

  The Ethiopian did not have all of that as we do. So he needed this inspired man to guide him. And if we need "inspired" men today to tell us the meaning of God's inspired message, who is going to tell us the meaning of the "inspired" interpretation they give us? We need no such people and they don't exist.