Do You Want to Know More?

  There are some things no knowledge at all is acceptable. Other things we like to know something, even if only a little. But there are some things that it is to our advantage to know all we can know. That is certainly true about Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of mankind, the hope of the soul. Many people know something about Him. Fewer know a lot. Fewer than that have really set themselves to want to know more about Jesus.

  We sing songs about knowing more about Jesus. We can know more. Not by listening and reading after the theories and concepts of men. The knowledge we want and need comes from God's Word, the Bible. If you really want to know more about Jesus, embark on a program of Bible study that will doubtless enhanced your knowledge as well as lead you in the direction of heaven provided by Him. Sure worth the effort! Try it!