Does It Bother You?

  We are taught not to fret because of evildoers. But there are things that really give us grave concern. Among them is a government that seems intent on pushing Islam down our throats as if it was just another religion. It is a political religion that intends to control and dominate every phase of life for everybody and those who do not conform are subject to imprisonment or execution. Government people can talk about Islam being a "peaceful" religion all they want but it is idle talk. We must consider what these people do and how mercilessly brutal and murderous they are and in the name of Mohammed.

  Historically other religions have been similar and they were without excuse. But no religion in the world is as evil as Islam, including Satanic cults. But our government leaders appoint Muslims to strategic positions, applaud them as if they were our friends, and all the while denying they are doing it. This bothers me because we will soon be subjected to the tyranny of Islam if our present government people get their way.