Down, But Not Out

  You may not be a sports fan, but there are some good lessons to be learned by observing what happens in many games. You may have some heavy favorite who falls before a lesser foe. You may have a team that gets way behind but keeps going and soon comes out on top. You often see some player who seems to have reached the end put forth an extra effort and win. It just shows that, as one once said, "It ain't over until it's over." That's the way it is in life. Setbacks are not total destruction.

  Sometimes we judge others only by some mistake they make. Here is a man who makes four touchdowns but all of that is forgotten if he fumbles one time, especially if at a crucial moment. A person's worth is not determined by how things are at the moment. Often we see people down, but they are not out. It might give us an opportunity to be of help to them.