Dream World Ends

  Actually, it never did exist to the extent some dreamed. Parents thought they would send their children to school and they would be taught proper things. They really did not worry about their physical safety; certainly not from the school leaders themselves.

  But all that has changed since America has become saturated with heathenish humanism. Now parents send their children to school to learn there is no God, no right and wrong, more humanism. And those who perpetrate violence against children are the school people themselves as much as anybody.

  Of course, atheistic ACLU protects everybody who hates God and bashes everybody that does. The judicial system of a degenerate nation seems to favor the corrupt and vile people.

  But as always, if children are to be properly guided in their youth the parents must do it. You cannot depend upon schools. They won't even help. In fact, most of them hinder.