Dying Men

  A preacher has been described as a dying man who delivers the message of life from God to other dying men. It is certain that physical death will overtake us (Heb. 9: 27). But there a life after that death that is eternal in heaven. There is a way to have that life. Men must learn it and follow it.

  It is the work of preaching the gospel to inform men of God's plan for man to have eternal life. Even though all men face the inevitable separation of the body from the spirit (death) all have the opportunity to have eternal life because of what God has done through Christ.

  In one sense we are all dying men. In another, we shall always exist. But the nature of our existence can be life with God if we so choose. So a true and faithful gospel preacher is a living man who proclaims the message of life to others who can also live eternally with God.