The End Times?

  Every time there is some catastrophe you hear some shouting, "It is the end times." They cite Matthew 24 as proof. In Matthew 24 Jesus is answering questions asked by His apostles and He gave certain signs whereby some things could be known to be near. Those signs are listed in verses 4 through 33.

  To what each sign may refer I do not profess to be  dogmatically knowledgeable even though we can reach some intelligent conclusions on such things. But whatever these signs meant, THEY OCCURRED IN THAT GENERATION (verse 34). They had no reference to the "end times," the Lord's second coming or any such thing. They were fulfilled in that generation. In fact, the destruction of Jerusalem was the topic under consideration. Why cannot we accept what Jesus said?

  With 9/11, Katrina, the tsunami, wars, etc. some attempt to create fear and sensationalism by pretending to know what Jesus said we do not and cannot know. The Lord will return, but when we do not know (verse 36. 42. 44). Do not let false teachers and the news media take you down some speculative path and cause you leave the truth.