Episcopal Church Defies God

  There is nothing new about this headline. If ever there was church "born in sin" this one was, with Henry VIII and his immoralities in starting the Church of England out of which came the Episcopal group.

  That church never did care for the Bible and now they are blatant and defiant in denouncing what the Bible teaches. They have elected as their "head" a woman (which is unlawful if it was the Lord's church) and that woman says homosexuality is not a sin. This poor depraved soul just does not care what God says.

  Some say we should not denounce the denominational groups. Why not? You can not find people more rebellious against God than those who follow human religions. Name one that shows respect for the Bible. There is not one.

  The Lord's church is truly a small minority in this pagan, heathen and shameful world. Better to be with the Lord than with them.